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Mold Testing and Inspection

We are an independent mold testing & inspection company

Completly unbiased with NO conflict of interest.





Mold Test USA, a service driven company, has set the standards in the mold industry. Dedicated team members have the “customer first   attitude.” Customers find services performed at Mold Test USA far outweigh the fee.


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Mold Test USA does not perform mold remediation or mold removal nor do we receive any compensation by remediation companies (NO kickbacks or commission), we only performs mold inspections and mold tests and provide you with the unbiased results.


This ensures an honest inspection and mold test with no conflict of interest! 




Be aware



For mold inspection reports and laboratory analysis to be upheld in a court of law they must be performed by a certified inspector and analyzed in an accredited lab!


Mold Test USA’s trained inspectors are 100% certified, and testing samples are always analyzed by an accedited lab.  


Currently, mold is an unregulated industry. In most states, there are no training, education, or licensing requirements to be a mold inspector or mold remediator. 


Mold Test USA has only local, certified mold inspectors, with the latest tools to help find the source of the mold. The inspectors know what to look for and are knowledgeable about the conditions that are conducive to mold growth.





Mold Test USA services consists of a thorough, 52-Point, visual inspection; air and surface sampling; and consulting.


 Results identify 


  • if there is a mold problem; and if so, the location of the mold growth,
  • how elevated the mold spore count is,
  • what type of mold it is,
  • if it is toxic mold (including what is known as black mold),
  • the health issues related to that mold,
  • the total area of exposure, and
  • if remediation is needed.


Mold can pose potential health issues, especially when one is exposed to chronic, long-term mold growth or if allergic to mold in general. Also, mold by its very nature decomposes organic material, and over time can weaken the structure of your property.